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Black High-Tops And Multi-Colored Crystals

Fall is here, which in terms of attire means slightly heavier jackets and solid colors. But you don't at all have to compromise. You could still dress like a boss. In fact, now that you can dress in layers, you could look even more like a boss this season.


Beautiful Surprises

Not going to lie to you gentlemen, this one was a very impulsive purchase. The day I discovered these I wasn't actually looking for them- in fact, I didn't even know of their existence then. It all happened about a few weeks ago- when Jermaine and I were walking down the strip of Madison Ave; in the heart of Manhattan; on our way to a store on the other side of the city to scuff out my red and gold Giuseppes for a better fit.


Red Sand and Melted Gold

In today's world, there are virtually an endless amount of sneakers to choose from, for various occasions, and for an assortment of reasons. Maybe you're looking to buy your next pair of sneakers because you need some new gym attire, or maybe you just simply want a fresh pair of brand new kicks for no particular reason.