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It’s a great feeling when a person knows you so well that they know exactly what to get you for your special day (birthday) without having to ask. If it wasn’t already evident, I am a HUGE sucker for cologne. There’s just something magical I find about having a few drops of an elixir sprayed onto you that can make you irresistible.

Best part is, it’s virtually invisible, so you can layer it on top of anything and claim it to be your natural scent, sweat, or whatever you like, and build mega attraction, instantly. It’s basically a love spell in a bottle. The only trick is, finding the right bottle to make the spell happen. Luckily for me, my aunt knows my taste in cologne, so for my birthday, she got me the fragrance set by Mont Blanc Legend Spirit (for men, of course). Now I’ve never even heard of the cologne until she bought it for me, but she kept insisting that if I loved “Gentlemen Only” by Givenchy, I was going to love this, “because this one is better” she said. It was a little difficult to believe given how much I love Givenchy Gentlemen, but I couldn’t wait to find out. So as soon as I got home, I ripped through all of the beautiful wrapping and casing and went straight for opening the fragrance set. First thing I did (and do when I get a new fragrance is) was inspect the packaging, then the fragrance bottle, and then the rest of the items in the box (I love to goggle at fragrance bottles to really take in and appreciate all of the detail these companies put into making it).The shape of the bottle itself reminds me of a high quality hip flask, and the white color gives it a smooth clean look. But the metallic accents adds a sturdy and expensive finish. I especially love the letters “Montblanc” boldly engraved in the middle of the cap, at the top- really makes you feel like you’re holding something special in your hand. And rightfully so, because the scent is pure magic- spell binding in every way! It has a fresh, sweet, yet, citrusy scent. So basically it hits all facets of desire when it comes to smell. It really inspires a strong sense confidence and bravado. It actually also reminds me of Gucci Guilty (another favorite of mine), however, that fragrance is a little more dark, and this is a little more fresh, but they’re very similar otherwise.
The fusion of elements that are said to influence this blend are pineapple leaf, exotic verbena, and lavender, so that should give you a slight idea of how amazing it smells! If this scent has already been on your radar, if you love fresh, sweet, citrusy lingering scents, or if you’re just looking for a new spellbinding fragrance, give this one a smell, I’m sure you’ll be very very pleased! 😁

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