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Blue Glitter and Golden Birthdays

Some of you may already know this, but nearly two weeks ago, April 24th was my birthday, and I turned 26! I was super excited for this occasion because it gave me a chance to make up for the one I had two years ago (my supposedly “Golden Birthday”) where I just lied on my bed and stared at the four corners of my ceiling. For those of you who may not know what a “Golden Birthday” is, it’s basically your biggest, grandest, best birthday, and it occurs when you turn the age of your birth date, however, given the previously mentioned circumstance, I’ve decided to celebrate it this year, and a “Golden Birthday” it was! To commemorate this occasion, I wanted something grand and bizarre wrapped around my feet- it had to be sensational even to everything on this blog so far. I searched in stores and browsed the Internet for weeks, and found nothing interesting. Almost giving up in my search and conforming to something common, these Giuseppes caught my eyes, but not only did they catch them, they didn’t let go! After seeing them online, and then experiencing them in person, I ordered them immediately! The natural light blue color shrouded in scintillating glitter makes this sneaker an absolute jaw dropper! And it’s slipper-like silhouette adds a unique element of comfort to its appeal. But it’s even more cozy on the inside; I love how my feet slides right into it, and even when I walk for long periods of time it feels like I’m wearing nothing on my feet. I actually forget there even there sometimes, that is, until someone snaps their neck or ends up complimenting me. In this post, I paired them up with some simple three-quarter blue joggers, and a gray Vie Richie shirt.

What would you pair them with? What do you think about this outfit? Would love to hear you guys’ thoughts!




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