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Gentlemen Only Givenchy

In continuation to my last post “lingering scents”, I’ve decided to go with the “Gentlemen Only” by Givenchy scent. The warm earthy spice is so sweet, yet deliciously sultry, I deem it to be a mellifluous mix that sings to the senses. It has pink pepper, birch leaves, green mandarin, and nutmeg in its compound, so it can easily be worn as a great holiday scent. However, it could also be worn in the spring (or summer) as a dinner scent (which is more my style). Due to its intense aroma, two squirts (across the shoulder, or on either side of the neck) should be more than enough to make you the center of attention all night long. I’d wear it around a crush or a girlfriend, and only if I’d want to make a bold statement (without needing to move my lips). This could particularly be worn with something formal, like a dressy blazer, turtle neck, some complementing trousers, and a pair of nice shoes (or boots). No need to get all crazy, since this fragrance will add the finishing touch.

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