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Gentlemen… ladies, over the current span of this blog we’ve covered quite a few different aspects of tasteful attire. This involves everything from ultra-exotic foreign sneakers, joggers, and ushankas, all the way to notably exquisite bomber jackets.

Yet, there is still one essential aspect we’ve eluded up until now, and I perceive it to be the most vital one because it’s the very topping of all attire- fragrance. 

Now some people may overlook the importance of this small, yet very potent tool. But the right delicious fragrance could transform a woman’s (or man’s) interest in you from “he’s kind of cute” to a lip biting “damn, who’s that?!”

Yes, going from cute to irresistible only takes a few sprays from the right fragrance. But with the millions of fragrances available to us, how does one find the right fragrance (without getting overwhelmed)? Well, you can start with Sephora’s Favorites Cologne Sampler. It has twelve amazing-smelling tiny cologne samples that you can choose from and try on, and when you finally find the one that you absolutely love, you can return the “Scent Certificate” that comes with the sample kit and get a full-size bottle of it (for no extra cost)! How cool is that?! So it’s a win-win-win! I mean, you get 12 sample bottles, a full size bottle of your favorite sample, and traveling pouch! If you’re looking to impress your crush or just want to go from cute to impossibly irresistible (with a hypnotic scent), you can’t go wrong with checking out these favorite samplers!

There are lots of great scents in this package, but my absolute favorites are: Givenchy Only, Brit, Mr. Burberry, and Polo Red! … All of them captured my heart for different reasons, but I’ll explain why later on in another post! Also, stay tuned to see which sample I decide to get a full-size bottle of!

Shop Sephora’s Scent Samplers Below:

Sephora’s Men Favorites Cologne Sampler:

Women’s Perfume Samplers:

Sephora’s Women’ Perfume Samplers

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