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We are merely breathing distance away from spring’s warm beautiful weather, yet, we still occasionally face freezing temperatures and crippling snow storms.


Because of this, I decided to challenge myself by shopping for nature’s unpredictable climate. As a result, something magical happened… this unusual, yet fetching outfit was born!

Shopping for this peculiar situation was a bit tricky because I essentially had to find a jacket that was warm enough to wear during winter, but light enough to wear during spring- one that blended perfectly between both seasons. Interestingly enough, only a few jackets that met those characteristics came to mind, with the most appealing one being bomber jackets. There’s just something about their cool; nonchalant; body-fitted look that I can’t seem to shake. And because they’re so versatile, they could be paired with almost anything. Moreover, since my body is overtly sensitive to heat and retains it very well, bomber jackets are perfect for me in wintry conditions. They’re light enough to give me mobility, but warm enough to keep me snug and cozy- a much better comparison to the heavy and restrictive overcoat. But in case the bomber still isn’t warm enough, I could always add a scarf or hat. Conversely, it can also make the right summer jacket (if you buy a light enough one) due to the same attributes- it’s light and warm- perfect for spring’s fluctuating climate. And the beauty about spring is that it fluctuates so often that you can layer up and down accordingly; enabling you to experiment with different pieces to find out which ones you like best.
Now initially, I was going for a nice simple black bomber jacket because of its easy grace and adaptability to different piece combinations, but this black, red, and gold bomber from JC Atelier practically raised the hairs on the back of my neck with its striking and imposing presence. But while imposing, it also manages to remain elegant. The rich black background causes the vibrant black and gold characters to stand out naturally and creates a palatable color contrast. But even deeper than that, it’s also the fine attention to detail that accentuates the characters, and the elated feeling you get as your hands brush over the soft sumptuous suede in exploration. Now in this case, I’ve paired it with this chocolate brown and gold-highlighted nuchanka; which accentuates the gold detailing in the characters on the jacket. The lovely thing about a nuchanka is that it keeps your head and ears really warm and toasty so you wouldn’t need extra clothes to potentially restrict your movements and weigh you down.
This jacket can be styled with almost anything, but I like to pair it with dark colors to bring out the aspects of the jacket. So for me, it’d be a pair of dark colored jeans, a dark colored T-shirt (doesn’t matter what color, as long as it’s dark), and this brown and gold-highlighted nuchanka (like show in the picture).
If you’re in the market for bomber jackets or a new jacket in general, or just like the way this one looks, I’d definitely recommend taking a look at JC Atelier’s collection. You can also take a look at a few of my other favorites below!

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