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There’s a really funny story behind these golden Gucci sneakers, and within that story lies a BIG secret.


Just like a few of my recently purchased gifts for myself- I discovered these sneakers by accident, but the very millisecond I laid eyes on them, I fell hard!! It was literally love at first sight, but at its finest! The funny thing about this story is that I was with aΒ  good friend of mine who loves to purchase women sneakers over mens’ (because he feels that women have a wider variety of visually appealing sneakers than men), so we were actually in the women’s department of a Gucci store in downtown Manhattan, NY. I had no money but decided to accompany him anyway. He was ushered to a seat by a really amicable salesman to try on a very tasteful looking pair of sneakers. But before I could truly absorb the sneakers in full detail, I noticed something to the left, in my peripherals, twinkling, so I turned. It was a well-organized and ornately-displayed wall glowing in a soft-lit yellow light; accentuating some of the best looking sneakers i’d ever seen in my entire life. As impressive as they were, one in particular encapsulated my attention- these golden Gucci sneakers! What fascinated me was how the golden Swarovski crystals gracefully danced and flourished under the dimmed light. But I was even more impressed by how the crystals elegantly adorned such a pure and fresh profile. It’s funny, the day I tried on these sneakers, I was receiving all kinds of peculiar looks, but I didn’t mind, because these sneakers were absolutely riveting!!! So yes, as you probably guessed it by now, the BIG secret is that these Gucci sneakers are actually women’s! Now I normally don’t like wearing too much of one color, but I found that these different shades of gold (or brown, depending on your perspective) complement the sneakers very well. Furthermore, throwing joggers into the mix adds more comfort and versatility to the outfit; enabling it to be worn virtually everywhere.


That is, if you dare! πŸ˜‰
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