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Nevertheless, when I go to the gym, I do like to go in style- my go-to outfit for the fall and winter seasons is usually a nice warm pair of joggers, a quality tank top, a fair pair of sneakers, and sometimes a cool new era cap. It's a fairly simple and light way to dress, but it's very effective. The tank top provides me with the proper air circulation my body needs when I'm sweating, and the ones from H&M are of high quality, yet inexpensive. The joggers provide me with room and comfort to freely move around without having to expose my fairly skinny legs (the way shorts would)- plus they're perfect for winter time when it's raining, snowing, gloomy, or just cold outside. Furthermore, I absolutely despise the tedious task of having to drag a large duffel bag and lock to the gym with me (just to get changed). This attire is warm, comfortable, and stylish enough to go to the gym, make a statement, workout hard, and leave. In and out, no distractions, and you'll look great doing it! If it's cold, I'd throw on a warm sweater, hoodie, or jacket (depending on how cold it is) on top.

Unfortunately, I could only attach the darker version of the joggers that I have on below. However, I'm sure you can find them in H&M stores. Additionally, I've attached another pair of joggers that are a similar color to the ones I have on in picture.

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I think beauty is eclectic, so what inspired me to be a fashion blogger was the notion that I was helping people (even in the most minute way). Also, I have a surge of passion for creative writing and another for fashion. I remember when I used to go to class when I was in grad school and people use to come up to me for fashion advice and ask if I was a fashionisto and were curious about why I didn't go to school for fashion. So one day it dawned on me that writing about and sharing my passion about fashion was a very real possibility and was what I wanted to do. Didn't look back since.



I love how you put this all together πŸ‘Œ A true fashionisto! πŸ‘€ 😎


Thomas Casualstone

Keep it up man. You’re seriously inspiring!



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