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Have you guys ever had an “OMG, I must have those” moment? Yeah? Then we’re more alike now than we were just a minute ago!πŸ˜‰ Because that’s the exact thought I had when I first seen these sneakers. I remember having the moment like it was yesterday- I was at a Bergdof Goodman retailer in the city of Manhattan, accompanying my brother as he shopped for a pair of Givenchy sneakers. I had no interest in buying anything as everything on the shelves was WAY out of my price range, so I just strolled along the aisles and browsed. Moments later, my brother called out to me; drawing attention to a small white ceramic wall, backlit with a golden light. In front of it were a handful of exceptional looking sneakers- I mean, I guess they were on the wall for a reason because they definitely stood out in comparison to anything else in the store. Out of that collection of remarkable sneakers, a maroonish-brown glossy leather sneaker, in particular, really captivated my attention. I was in awe- standing frozen in the moment, virtually drooling over my fantasies of having them. They’d just looked so alien in their design- so different from anything else I’d ever owned or seen before. The polished burgandy/brown colored leather is such a simple yet peculiar and appealing color- It wrapped around this sneaker’s fresh yet alien silohouette just gives it an unparalled eye-catching enticement. A salesman caught my eye, felt my interest in them, and took the opportunity to voice their price, $950!! My heart literally ached at the price- but I’ve always been the type of guy who went after what he wanted. So, a week later, my brother and I were back at the store, and both of us left with a pair. My brother smirked as these became my very first pair of foreigns. Sneaker buying has never been the same for me since.

Now because I consider these to be really special, I only wear them when I really want to impress- for example, I wore them on my first date with Nancy, another date when I met her family, when I went to my first club promotion, and even to a few photoshoots. When I do wear them, I dress down simple because I want to draw as much attention as I possibly could to the sneakers. So I’d usually wear a dark colored blazer (black or navy blue) with dark colored skinny jeans (black or navy blue), and a white or black V neck T shirt.

Now these sneakers in particular were limited edition, meaning, they aren’t available for purchase anymore. However, I won’t leave you empty-handed. Below, I’ve put together a list of my favorite Margielas- a list of many I endeavor to buy soon. So feel free to browse through them and see which ones you like πŸ˜‰ Maybe we have similar taste! I also decided to put together a list of a few blazers that I think can be paired well with the Margielas listed below. Now I know I said I would wear the Margielas I have in the post with a V neck, a dark colored blazer, and some dark colored skinny jeans. However, those related peices are best for these particular Margielas. The Margielas below are in different colors, so it’s only right that you find a blazer most suitable to bringing out the flare of those colors!

Favorite Margielas:

Bomber Jackets:



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Your sneaker game is SO official! πŸ‘€



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