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Warm Colors And Hot Chocolate

Fellas, now that fall is here and winter is coming, it’s getting colder and colder, which makes it wildly deterring to go outside and do anything, let alone dress up for anything special. Most of us, would much rather cozy up with a nice tall mug of hot chocolate and that special someone to stay warm. But if you do have to go out for a special event like a birthday party, galla, club promotion, award show, or something related, these mocha-brown leather-strapped sand-brown suede Christian Louboutin high-tops would more than suffice! These have recently become my Go-to footwear over the past few days; as I have been (almost reluctantly lol) going to parties and club promotions. They allow me to make a statement without making me seem like I’m trying too hard to stand out and impress. They are comfortable on the inside, and have a calm yet beautiful silhouette, with warm; deep; rich colors. But apart from the colors, you guys have probably guessed it, my favorite thing about them is the variation of surface textures- I love their contrast of leather and suede. But I probably also love what goes into putting them on and the feeling you get from hand-gliding the zipper up through the carefully crafted mocha-leather strips (to secure your foot in) and the way you have to wrap or unwrap (depending on if the sneakers are coming off or being put on) the lengthy brown leather straps. It just really makes you feel like you’re gearing up and stepping into something special (and makes whatever event your going to just a little less tedious and a little more pleasant, because at least you know you look good). Now one could also go with a pair of Tims (Timberlands) or Ugs instead, they’re definitely a lot cheaper (lol!). But because they re cheaper, they’re also conventional – which means you’d be following the norm, wearing what pretty much everyone else would probably have on their feet too. And that’s perfectly okay – to each his own :). But if you want to rock something more unique and feel just a tad bit more noteworthy, i’d suggest something like these.

You can’t go wrong, as you’d be dressing like a BOSS for the holidays! 😎

These can easily be styled up with some black or brown (doesn’t matter what color brown) joggers, a solid collard shirt, and a nice black Burberry jacket (for the outside). But if joggers aren’t your thing you could also get away with a pair of black skinny jeans.

Oh, I almost forgot…these particular sneakers are sold out, so now you can only get them with spikes on the front-end, or in black!

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Great capture, beautiful sneakers, amaZing writing! I don’t normally like reading, but you just have a different way of writing- it’s like you can take something so simple and turn it into something so colorful. It’s truly amazing. Exceptional writer!!


Javon Davis

THANK-YOU Rachel πŸ™‚


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I love this very much


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