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The weekend for me, as for most working adults out there, is the time to unwind and do something fun (also to run those pesky errands you didn’t get a chance to during the week, but let’s not mention that), normally, Saturdays turn into Saturdates and are spent with my special someone. The activity varies, but my sense of style has a common constant theme, I go for style and comfort.

I thoroughly enjoyed my Saturdate outfit this weekend so I wanted to share it with you lovely people. As I mentioned before, I try to dress as comfortable and fashionable as I can, mostly because who doesn’t want to be comfortable? But also because a lot of times dates are a surprise to me, I won’t know what we’re doing, or where we’re going, until the very last minute, so the comfort is also for convenience (trust me, I learned my lesson when I got stuck at a romantic picnic date wearing stilettos. Heels digging into grass and mud? So not fun).

It has been getting colder here in New York and this past Sunday we actually got snow! For this weather I chose to wear these amazing Rampage high-waisted jeans, the fit in these is amazing and they’re super comfortable. I paired them with a beige and gold tank top and topped that with a black blazer. I paired them with my most comfortable pair of boots (which, unfortunately, you can’t get anymore, but see below for similar options!), these are super old and broken in, but I love them, the heel is low enough that it’s comfortable but also gives you a nice boost. I also love the gunmetal detailing on the side.

You’re probably thinking about how this is not a very warm outfit, and you’re right, it wasn’t. I was freezing my behind off. I know a lot of people opt for simpler outfits because of the weather, but all I can say to you is layer, layer, layer. Sometimes warm outfits aren’t cute enough when you’re really trying to stand out and impress, so I always recommend dressing as cute as possible and then layering. Throw on a blazer, cardigan, then a jacket or coat, when you’re in a warm setting like a restaurant or the movies, you can strip down to reveal your beautiful creation, and put it all back on when it’s time to face the harsh winter again.


If you’re interested in learning more about what was on my face and how I achieved my hair, stay tuned for the next post and I’ll let you in on all of my secrets (just kidding, I have to keep some for myself!) I hope you enjoyed this post, bookmark our website for more.



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Veronica Smith

Love this semi-casual look on you. Great yet simple outfit. πŸ‘Œ I love it.


Nancy Cervantes

Thank you Veronica! πŸ™‚


Tania Sarin

love this post! xx


Javon Davis

Thank-youu Tania!! πŸ˜€


Tashina Robbinsport

You are so pretty!! I’m starting to think you can look great in anything you wear! πŸ˜€



I enjoy your blog very much


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