Black High-Tops And Multi-Colored Crystals

Fall is here, which in terms of attire means slightly heavier jackets and solid colors. But you don't at all have to compromise. You could still dress like a boss. In fact, now that you can dress in layers, you could look even more like a boss this season.

The first step towards that direction involves stepping into these new outlandish piano black Italian leather Christian Louboutin sneakers. They are coated in blue, purple, and green Swarovski crystals. Yes, Swarovski crystals! The fact that these sneakers were Italian leather high-top sneakers was enough alone to make me dig into my wallet, but add the Swarovski crystals, and it became an instant no brainer! The crystals capture even the dimmest of light and turns it all into a dazzling presentation for the eyes to feast upon. But it's more than that- the contrast of rich Italian leather and semi-dark colored crystals also feels of very high quality when they're held in your hand or wrapped around your feet. Since these Louboutins are outlandish because of the beautiful multi-colored crystals, yet, calm because of the black exterior, they provide the ultimate contrast. For example, you could style these up with a black tank-top (from H&M, or whatever) and a nice black cardigan; along with a pair of skinny-fit black jeans. You could also substitute the cardigan for a black or blue bomber jacket if cardigans aren't really your taste or it just gets too cold. Now normally I'd attempt to stay away from a black-on-black outfit, but since these sneakers are so tasteful, they'd have no problem providing just the finishing touch a black-on-black outfit needs. Because you'd be wearing all black, your calming outfit would be directing eyes towards the mesmerizing foreigns you wield on your feet; where they'll finish the outfit by entrapping the eyes in their multi-colored dazzling allure!


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