Beautiful Surprises

Not going to lie to you gentlemen, this one was a very impulsive purchase. The day I discovered these I wasn't actually looking for them- in fact, I didn't even know of their existence then. It all happened about a few weeks ago- when Jermaine and I were walking down the strip of Madison Ave; in the heart of Manhattan; on our way to a store on the other side of the city to scuff out my red and gold Giuseppes for a better fit. We were running late because the store was closing soon; so we stopped on a random busy corner to discuss a faster alternative route, and then, for some peculiar reason, my eyes just darted to the right, peered straight through the store window; dodged all the people and merchandise, and landed directly onto these storm gray/ wolf gray/ white high-top sneakers. Moments later, we were in the store and I was holding them in my hand- immediately I was hooked!

In my initial glance from a distance- the glance that led us into the store- they appealed to me as a fresh pair of unique gray high-top sneakers (and I absolutely love high-top sneakers) with a little bit of edge to them. But with a second look, I couldn't help but to marvel at the scrupulous detail- like the crocodile pattern elegantly printed under the storm-gray cotton suede, the silver letters "Philipp Plien" boldly engraved into it; giving pride to the brand, and the five silver stars and myriad of spikes displayed on the front-end of the sneakers; adding more vigor to its already powerful presence. I was also able to appreciate the difference in its surface materials, such as:Β  the warm cotton suede, cool calf leather, and cold metallic spikes. All of these elements served as a delicious recipe provocative enough to virtually teleport me over from where I stood to the cashier with an overzealous urge to hand her all the cash in my wallet in exchange for these beautiful sneakers. I would dress these up with some dark-blue skinny jeans (like the one I have on in the picture), a plain V-neck T-shirt, and a navy blue blazer.



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I think beauty is eclectic, so what inspired me to be a fashion blogger was the notion that I was helping people (even in the most minute way). Also, I have a surge of passion for creative writing and another for fashion. I remember when I used to go to class when I was in grad school and people use to come up to me for fashion advice and ask if I was a fashionisto and were curious about why I didn't go to school for fashion. So one day it dawned on me that writing about and sharing my passion about fashion was a very real possibility and was what I wanted to do. Didn't look back since.

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