Red Sand and Melted Gold

In today's world, there are virtually an endless amount of sneakers to choose from, for various occasions, and for an assortment of reasons. Maybe you're looking to buy your next pair of sneakers because you need some new gym attire, or maybe you just simply want a fresh pair of brand new kicks for no particular reason. Or maybe... maybe you're going out to a club with your boys for the weekend and want something special enough to paralyze people in awe with just one look. If it's the last one, there are quite a few attention-grabbers out there, but if you're looking for something truly stunning- truly jaw-dropping, then there's this- the extremely rare, ultra exotic Giuseppe Zanotti; double-zip high-top leather sneakers. The hot Mars red with the pure white bottoms alone make for a clean yet very distinguishable color contrast. But add the sun-laced golden buckles and you have yourself a serious serious stunner!

They're a bit pricey but worth every single penny because the quality of materials are so rich, that not only could you see and feel the obsession to meticulous detail but you could literally smell that fresh potent smell of Italian leather as soon as you remove the lid off of the box! That's a pretty difficult task given the fact that each sneaker are also individually wrapped in a super soft cotton bag, even while laying in the box. But let's get away from that for a moment- because it's so rare and expensive means very little people will have them, except celebrities. Which is almost justifiable because when you wear these you virtually transform into a celebrity! That much attention engulfs you. But they don't only have to be worn to a club. They could be worn to anything special, like a photo-shoot, an award show, an art gallery, or maybe even a fancy restaurant you may end up taking your girl to. Or maybe you'd just want to walk around and show people your excellent taste in sneakers! These Giuseppes are noticeable from blocks away; especially in the sun. These are one of my absolute favorites to wear, because every time I wear them it's just compliments...compliments...compliments!


These are the sneakers you'll want to wear when you truly want to stand out!




I think beauty is eclectic, so what inspired me to be a fashion blogger was the notion that I was helping people (even in the most minute way). Also, I have a surge of passion for creative writing and another for fashion. I remember when I used to go to class when I was in grad school and people use to come up to me for fashion advice and ask if I was a fashionisto and were curious about why I didn't go to school for fashion. So one day it dawned on me that writing about and sharing my passion about fashion was a very real possibility and was what I wanted to do. Didn't look back since.



Wow.. These look amazing!



I love the color combination. Great taste on your part mate ? Will definitely be looking more into them. What’s your favorite feature about them?



Thanks man, I really appreciate it. Hmm.. that’s a little tough as I think I have too many to really choose a favorite. But If I absolutely had to choose, besides the combination of colors (as you mentioned), I would have to say the zipper and golden buckles. I don’t know; I just feel like I’m wearing something really special the moment I zipper and buckle up my sneakers!

Hope this helps man!

P.S.. If you check them out, would like to hear your favorite part. 🙂


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