Glamming up for a Night in Town

It’s 9am on a Saturday morning, you sit comfortably on your couch, sipping on your coffee while aimlessly making a mental note of all the errands you must run and other menial tasks typical of your weekends. All of a sudden you realize the monotony of your day and the dread for what’s ahead sets in. The ring of a doorbell wakes you from your day slumber and directs your attention to the unknown visitor at the other side of your door. You lazily get up and head for the door, finding a messenger holding an envelope with your name written on it in perfect calligraphy. Inside you find an invitation to the city’s most exclusive gala. Suddenly your day turns from expecting another typical Saturday night to the time of your life.

Now, if this scenario were to materialize, what would you wear? Saying something elegant and eye-catching is rhetorical, and you definitely can’t wear just anything in your closet. I know, it’s difficult to come up with options, so how about I tell you what I would wear?

It’s needless to say that an extravagant gown would be appropriate for an event of this level, something shocking, and something that will grab everyone’s attention. Flashy accessories and flawless makeup and hair will give your look the finishing touches. However, if you’re more like me and would prefer something more simple but that will still give you that shock factor, a beautiful black dress that highlights your curves and best features would do, especially if you pair them with these beautiful Giuseppe Zanotti sandals.

This is the Raquel sandal in black suede with gold crystals, and it's absolutely gorgeous. The crystals catch the light beautifully and the sparkle is enough to get anyone’s attention. There’s no need for any more glam when your feet are sporting a pair of shoes like these.

Shop outfit below:



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I agree. The rest of the outfit should be kept simple with shoes like this. I’m not usually a heels type of person, but these are gorgeous!


Nancy Cervantes

Aren’t they? It almost doesn’t even matter what you wear, these shoes steal the show!



Ughhh these heels are so gorgeous!! Couple that with that skirt from Revolve, and maybe a better pair of golden hooped earrings?? Game changer!



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