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Lingering Scents

Gentlemen… ladies, over the current span of this blog we’ve covered quite a few different aspects of tasteful attire. This involves everything from ultra-exotic foreign sneakers, joggers, and ushankas, all the way to notably exquisite bomber jackets.

His, Outfit,

Atomic Bomber





We are merely breathing distance away from spring’s warm beautiful weather, yet, we still occasionally face freezing temperatures and crippling snow storms.


Comfortably Stylish


The weekend for me, as for most working adults out there, is the time to unwind and do something fun (also to run those pesky errands you didn’t get a chance to during the week, but let’s not mention that), normally, Saturdays turn into Saturdates and are spent with my special someone. The activity varies, but my sense of style has a common constant theme, I go for style and comfort.